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Пальчиковые игры для детей

Developer: Sruthilaya Media

Did you know that the finger gymnastics is the most effective method of early development? No wonder they say "the child's mind is on the tips of his fingers" because the nerves of the fingers are directly connected to the brain. At first, we apply only a light hand and finger massage, and later introduce toddler rhymes and fingerplays. Finger play songs for preschoolers is an interesting, easy to implement and extremely effective method of early child development.This app includes 8 most popular and useful educational finger games and toddler rhymes for children. Each finger play for preschoolers is accompanied by detailed instructions. The distinctive feature of the app is that the instructions to nursery rhymes are organized as pictures as an example both to parents and kids. Read nursery toddler rhymes, watch the picture and repeat the actions with your child.
Studying your child using the toddler rhymes, you give him an excellent opportunity to enhance memory, learn new nursery rhymes, dance and just spend their time in a funny way. Playing finger games regularly, you will definitely see the benefits of this pastime even after a short time.
Attached you will find the following fingerplays for toddlers up to 3 years:
Ten Little FingersHere is the ChurchI’m a Little TeapotThe Eensey Weensey SpiderFive Little MonkeysThe SparrowsThe MiceThe PigsWish you rapid advance and developing of new abilities with toddler games and nursery rhymes!